Upcoming album by Local Healers & Louis Cypher.

Maaaan. When is this city going to get recognised on the national stage? The UK Hip-Hop spotlight seems to have done the rounds of all other cities but London in the last couple of years. The more I expose myself to the dazzling variety of great music coming out of Nottingham, the more I convince myself that it won’t be long until it gets the national recognition it deserves.

Renaissance, the first single off the record

From Dublin to Manchester, from Liverpool to Brum, hip-hop heads long and far are looking to…

Practical Lovers, The Peaceful Ones, Guohan.

POST-MORTEM (EP) by Practical Lovers

Maybe Synth Pop really is making a come back! If you would’ve asked me 5 years ago whether I would’ve liked to hear the sounds of the ’80s again, I wouldn’t have been too keen. But 2020 is ripe for another nostalgic longing for that decade which so many of us belong in.

It seems to take about 20 years for a genre, fashion or trend to cycle back into the appreciative tastes of the masses without fail. Jazz, punk, psychedelia, disco. They’ve all had their comebacks. …

A review for General POP.

An unusual Christmas album for an unusual Christmas. Chilly Gonzales — classical composer, pianist, electro rapper and concept art genius — is subtly reclaiming and reinventing the Christmas music that we know and love. He wants to “rewrite people’s nostalgia” and the “collective unconscious of the Western world” but, for him, this is just another log in the fire.

There are possibly few better ways for musicians to secure themselves long-term public loyalty (and maybe royalties) from their work than to candidate themselves to the sacred and eternal Pantheon of Christmas Music. …

Trekkah & Fang Jr., We Three Kings

COLOURS by Trekkah and Fang Jr.

Aaaand breathe.

It’s hard to listen to the first few bars of this track and not relax into a deep exhalation, getting all of that seriousness, stiffness and tension off your chest. Just for a moment.

Your brows soften and your shoulders drop.

Trekkah and Fang Jr are conducting a meditation. A meditation on the fleeting transience of all things, of the present moment, of the current conditions of life which seem to move so slowly but which will certainly go by in a flash.

This is…

Sons of Mu, Safe Hands.

LOCKDOWN by Sons of Mu

Picture this.

[Play ‘Unprecedented Times’ by Sons of Mu]

The year is 2024.

The Western hemisphere has just gone into its 36th lockdown since the dawn of the decade. The neon dogs have taken over the streets of Nottingham and the forest has begun to reclaim the city streets, edging its venomous vines and mutated wild beasts further and further towards the resistance headquarters, located in the former council building in Market Square.

In the building, barricaded with scrap metal from the Christmas market ice rink and the tram stop…

Chloe Rodgers, Jonny Olley.

FACES by Chloe Rodgers

I have to admit, I’m quite late to boarding the Chloe Rodgers hype train.

For this, I ask forgiveness from the Nottingham Music Scene Gods for her music, so far, is something to behold.

Something sacred, perhaps.

There is something about the powerfully delicate atmospheric soundscapes of her compositions that cover the listener entirely in a thin veil of linen or in an aura of sweet, lilac tenderness.

It’s funny that, as I wrote that sentence at 16:51pm, the autumnal sun outside my basement flat window has almost set, applying in its…

Superhooch, Jessie Wagner, Stormcrows


Sweet baby Jesus!

I’m five tracks, two coffees and twenty push-ups into this LP and this is already proving to be a serious contender for my rock album of the year.

This album is a thing of beauty and I mean that in the most twisted, filthy and deranged way possible. It’s for that very reason — for its degenerate, debaucherous and distorted-to-high-heavens delightfulness — that I think this couldn’t be more on-brand for an I’m Not From London feature.

I mean, Jiminy Cricket! This album has not been designed for…

To what extent are our lives socially constructed and what are the consequences for human experience and reality in the Age of Representation?

A dissertation submitted in partial for a BA Hons Media Studies,
Nottingham Trent University


There is no denying that the media, whether mainstream, alternative or social, has reached unprecedented ubiquity and significance in contemporary society. The extent to which it has shaped and influenced the way we act, think and are is considerable to the point of having confused what and how we perceive to be the very essence of reality itself. Through an influx of image and text based information, the media in general interfere in the traditional modes of social conduct by inferring what should be discussed…

How emotional engagement with narrative and characters can make us more empathetic.

Ever since some of my earliest experiences of leaving a cinema screening as a young child, I’ve wondered about the exhilarating feeling that one gets after absorbing and internalizing the narrative, the emotions and the general feeling of being in the presence of these extraordinary characters, so alien yet so relatable to our own day-to-day lives. I didn’t so much wonder about them then, when I was fresh out of the cinema, but retrospectively I’d reflect upon the differences in my own character, physiology and emotion that would emerge and linger on my way home. I would be energised, albeit…

Why transgression is necessary for self-knowledge and for defining one’s identity.

There are moments in our lives, perhaps less frequent than they ought to be, when our actions and conduct align perfectly with our most intimate, personal and heartfelt feelings. In these instances the feeling is akin to being in comfortable harmony with what we may be inclined to call our true self. We project outwardly what we tend to usually harbour inwardly through self-oppressive feelings of shame, guilt, insecurity and fear. The emotions, which stop us from expressing to one another what we truly feel to be a profound yearning for expression or perhaps just a need to stand up…

Liam MacGregor-Hastie

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